Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Michael Twomey, NYC Certified Hypnotist and Counselor

Using HYPNOSIS and the POWER of YOUR own MIND when the time comes and you decide for yourself , that NOW is the time to quit smoking
and to become a NON SMOKER , then you will discover how smooth the transition will be...

Quit smoking for the right reason ------because you want to take back control of your life by taking control of your habits !
I can help you to do this to make the most of your life ---- both the quality AND the quantity .

Imagine the feeling of health and pride after you have already become a NON SMOKER and from that place in time, looking back on the day as the day you re-gained your FREEDOM by calling and scheduling an appointment with me.

Michael Twomey,
Professional Hypnotist, counselor


What is Hypnosis? How does hypnosis help me quit smoking?

 Hypnosis can also be considered an agreement between you and I .

I promise to do my best to help you to get the results you want and you need to promise to have an open mind and to follow the helpful suggestions.

As long as you follow the helpful suggestions you can and will be a non-smoker , with minimal cravings, weight gain or irritability associated with the dreaded “cold turkey” quitting.
Imagine a smoother transition , through trance, from smoker to the non-smoker that you are now .

Find out how to
take control of your habits and take back control of your life!!!